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 Basic Content Management Workflow in Airtable (For 1 Website)

What You’ll Learn in This Video

In this video, we walk through the basic workflow of how we use Airtable to manage content on a monthly basis. This includes:

  • How to track outlines and set up status checkpoints for each part of the process.
  • Working with writers and creating individualized views for each team member.
  • How to make unique views so uploading articles to WordPress will be a walk in the park for team members.

"Before Airtable, we used to apps like Trello and Google Sheets to manage content and writers, but those quickly became obsolete as our company grew. By moving to Airtable, we were able to streamline our entire process and scale with ease."

Steven S.

Content manager, Earn With Authority

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Basic Content Management Workflow in Airtable

In this video, we walk through the basic workflow of how we use Airtable to manage content on a monthly basis. This includes everything from creating outlines, to working with writers and other in-house teams. 

Advanced Options for Content Management in Airtable

In the advanced series, we discuss a few options that really take your content management to the next level. This is where we start to highlight the power of third-party apps such as Zapier. 

Content Management Workflow With Multiple Dimensions 

In this video, we'll cover the ins-and-outs of managing multiple content websites with Airtable. We build upon the basic and advanced videos and mix in a few other features that are critical to success. 

More Information About Training Videos & Templates

Since moving to Airtable, our company was able to effectively manage over 30 content websites and publish upwards of 300+ articles per month. In this library, we'll break down exactly what we did in order to keep the machine alive, 24/7, 365.

Regardless of your experience level with applications such as Airtable or Zapier, we are confident you can learn from our systems and easily scale your content management process. In addition to covering these topics, we'll also discuss areas like outline creation, hiring writers, virtual assistants, data analytics, and using Airtable to manage invoices and finances. 

With these training videos, we'll also be releasing templates so you can download examples directly from the cloud. This way, you don't have to spend extra time pausing the video and building a base from the ground up.    

Airtable & Zapier

A majority of our library includes standard operating procedures and how-to guides that relate to Airtable and Zapier. These will range in complexity and be tailored to a variety of content managers. 

Team Organization

One of the most important aspects of keeping a company on track is ensuring that team members can effectively do their job. We'll cover the ins-and-outs of just this, and highlight some of the best tactics we learned about managing large teams across a number of time zones. 

Data & Analytics

In order to be an effective manager, it's critical that you not only know how to organize data, but present it in such a way that's easy to digest and can be acted upon. By leveraging Airtable properly, any person can easily build reports and dashboards that pertain to their team, goal, and general strategy. 

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