Content Management
Airtable Trainings & Templates

Here are the videos we recently published about how you can use Airtable to streamline any content marketing strategy.  

Check out the videos in this series

Basic Content Management Workflow in Airtable

In this video, we walk through the basic workflow of how we use Airtable to manage content on a monthly basis. This includes everything from creating outlines, to working with writers and other in-house teams. 

Advanced Options for Content Management in Airtable

In the advanced series, we discuss a few options that really take your content management to the next level. This is where we start to highlight the power of third-party apps such as Zapier. 

Content Management Workflow With Multiple Dimensions (Websites, Content Hubs, Writers, & Social Media)

In this video, we'll cover the ins-and-outs of managing multiple content websites with Airtable. We build upon the basic and advanced videos and mix in a few other features that are critical to success. 

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